Claire Love

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Some quick fire questions with Claire!

Q- Which 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?
Walt Disney, Andrew Lloyd Webber, RuPaul, Bianca Del Rio, David Bowie and Julie Andrews!


Q- What would you do first if you ruled the world?
Probably something really boring and menial like wipe my student loan debt clean.  Then I'd buy lots of Jimmy Choo and Louboutin shoes.

Q- If money was no object, what would be your ideal way to spend New Year's Eve?
I'd close down the Magic Kingdom in Florida for just me and my family and spend the whole day bringing in the bells with Mickey Mouse and some fireworks.


Q- How (and why!) did you start work in radio?
The opportunity just landed in my lap through sheer luck and circumstance.  Being a Theatre, Television and Performance Graduate I was looking for any jobs in the industry and BOOM, here I am.


Q- Do you, or did you have a radio idol?
Elaine Paige - getting to play musical and film soundtracks all afternoon sounds perfect!


Q- Most memorable moment as a presenter?
The very first time I was live on air.


Q- Worst moment as a radio presenter?
When I was in Wales for University, my best friend on the course had his own radio show.  I used to co-host with him frequently, and we were having a good moan and gossip and we realised the mic was still on... Thankfully we realised very quickly!


Q- Hobbies and passions?
Drama and all things theatrical!   Directing, acting, dancing, etc!


Q- Do you have a radio ambition?
I'd love to present live from an Awards show like the BAFTAS or the Oliviers.


Q- If you weren't a radio presenter, how would you earn a living?
Ideally I'd just be stupid rich without having to work and live a life of leisure and luxury!  But I'd love to make my way as a Director/Actor/Model professionally.