John Scott - Retro Classics and Weekend Breakfast

John Scott has 2 hours of "Retro Classics" from the 70s & 80s every Monday-Thursday 10pm-Midnight.

Then you can wake up to John at the weekend - Saturday from 7am and Sunday from 8am.


Quick fire questions with John!


Q- Which 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?
Stevie Wonder, Groucho Marx, Abraham Lincoln, My paternal grandmother and grandfather and my maternal grandfather - never met them.

What would you do first if you ruled the world?
Abolish the US electoral college and have the presidency decided on the popular vote.


if money was no object, what would be your ideal way to spend New Year's Eve? 
Working! (Disco)


How (and why!) did you start working in radio?
Charity Radio (Radio Cracker) in 1991 - this is also where I met Mrs Scott!  I was invited to join as I was well known locally as a DJ.


Do you, or did you have a radio idol?
Paul Gambaccini


Most memorable moment as a radio presenter?
Interviewing Jim Kerr of Simple Minds.  Also interviewing Jeff Wayne: the man behind "War of the Worlds".


Worst moment as a radio presenter?
Double-clicking the start button which led to a chain of events that resulted in FOUR HOURS of music being played in under TWO MINUTES!  "Microwave Radio!"


Hobbies and Passions?
Golf, Reading. gardening (cutting the grass) and drinking coffee.


Do you have a radio ambition?
To go an entire programme without making a mistake!


If you weren't a radio presenter, how would you earn a living?
As a mobile DJ or Quiz Presenter.