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Mike McLean - The Vinyl Frontier Sundays 7-10pm


Join Mike McLean every Sunday from 7-10pm for 3 hours of nostalgic tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Three featured years, America's Top 2, the Popagram quiz and more.


Quick Fire Questions with Mike!


Q- Which 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?
Spike Milligan, Matt Monro, Paddy Ashdown, Robbie Burns, Kiki Dee and Ella Fitzgerald.


Q- What would you do first if you ruled the world?
Outlaw war!


Q- If money was no object what would be your ideal way to spend New Year's Eve?
Hosting a gathering of my best friends on a cruise in the Caribbean!


Q- How (and why!) did you start out work in radio?
Started out with a mobile disco in the mid 60s and applied to a local hospital radio service, I'd always enjoyed listening to radio and wanted to be a part of it!


Q- Do you or did you have a radio idol?
Many!! Keith Skies, Alan Freeman, Dave Cash, David Jacobs and Pete Murray; who gave me my first professional start to name just a few.  And of course, the excellent Brian Matthew!


Q- Most memorable moment as a radio presenter?
Most definitely hosting my radio show - The Vinyl Frontier - from the stage of the Cavern Club in Liverpool... LIVE!  That was back in February 2005!


Q- Worst moment as a radio presenter?
Interviewing the lovely Kiki Dee in a Glasgow hotel, then discovering after I'd left that there had been no tape in the machine! But there have been plenty of other gaffes along the way!


Q- Hobbies and passions?
Sport- football, cricket, snooker being particular favourites but I enjoy most sports.
Comedy - I love to laugh!
Words - crosswords, word games, quizzes - all good!


Q- Do you have a radio ambition?
To survive long enough to present the 1000th edition of the Vinyl Frontier, we;ll reach 850 towards the end of 2017!


Q- If you weren't a radio presenter how would you earn a living?
I would be retired now... maybe I should be retired now!  But still loving radio work and as long as I'm wanted I'll keep going.